About Me


Hi! I’m Stef and I absolutely love teaching kids how to play the piano!

I home schooled my kids for 13 years, so I must enjoy teaching just a little bit! As my kids have been becoming more independent I’ve been able to spend more time teaching. For the last 6 years my studio has been growing and it’s been awesome!  

I am just so grateful for the opportunity to teach! I try to consistently assess to see what works, what doesn’t. I treat my students as individuals and am sensitive to their needs while at the same time taking them to their appropriate edge.

I desire for my students to succeed in every area of their lives, and if I can be a small part of that, well, that just thrills me!

I took piano lessons from ages 7-17, earning my Grade 9 from the Royal Conservatory of Music. I began to experience wrist pain (which I am happy to say is healed) and I believe it came as a result of not being taught proper piano technique. So you can believe me when I say that I am passionate about teaching proper technique so that my students can play piano pain-free!


When I’m not teaching, you might find me playing Monopoly Deal or watching Netflix with my kids, practicing yoga, baking gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, or enjoying a nice, cold glass of kombucha!

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