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Do you ever wish you learned piano as a kid?

Give your child the gift of music from the comfort of home with Online Piano Lessons!












Do you ever wish you learned piano as a kid?


Give your child the gift of music from the comfort of home with Online Piano Lessons!

Your kid has been bugging you to learn piano but you...

  • don't want to add another thing to your already (too) busy schedule
  • don't want to put your child at risk by visiting a local piano studio for lessons
  • think private piano lessons might be out of your price range
  • are juggling #allthethings, so a piano teacher coming to you is pure awesomeness

...then maybe online piano lessons are right for you!

"You won't be sorry"

"I highly recommend Stefanie as a piano teacher to all my friends, or when I hear of someone looking for a piano teacher for themselves or their children. She is so patient and moves along at a pace that the student works best at. Stefanie is passionate about teaching and yet always softly spoken and kind. As a parent of piano students under Stefanie's instruction, I always enjoyed sitting in and watching the piano lesson each week. You won't be sorry by hiring Stefanie to teach you or your child how to play piano." 

Hey, I'm Stef~

I'm a music nerd with a passion for teaching kids piano. 

 As a mom, I know we want our kids to feel safe, be successful, and learn and grow without overwhelm.  For over six years, I've taught hundreds of lessons to students in a way that keeps them engaged, avoids overwhelm, and encourages a deep sense of pride, accomplishment, and confidence.

Look, I know there are a million piano teachers out there for you to choose from, but I don't just teach piano. I make learning life skills fun through piano. Each lesson includes concepts that apply to other areas of life including posture, discipline, communication, and emotional control.

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"We are thrilled that we found Stefanie to teach Gavin piano."

"From the very first lesson Stefanie was full of encouragement. She connected with Gavin on his level and immediately they formed a special bond. 
Stefanie is not afraid to try different things in helping her students grow. The feedback she gives is done positively even if Gavin has been struggling to learn something. She has so much patience while at the same time keeping Gavin focused on the lessons. 
Even during this unprecedented time Stefanie taught with wisdom and grace. She gave prompt feedback and made herself available to any questions or clarifications we needed even if that was well outside of our regular lesson time. Her diligence meant Gavin continued to improve in his piano playing even without in-person lessons. 
We are thrilled that we found Stefanie to teach Gavin piano. He has learned so much. He is motivated to work hard for her and he thoroughly enjoys his time with her." 

Did you know there are 20 Benefits from Taking Piano Lessons?!?

Learning music has tons of lifelong benefits that support your child intellectually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Piano, in particular, uses both sides of the brain, helping with greater understanding of music concepts and theory, and has a higher retention rate than almost every other instrument (meaning your child is more likely to keep playing piano, even into adulthood!)😊

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20 Benefits of Piano Lessons You Don’t Want to Miss!

You may already have seen a listing of the many benefits of piano lessons, but I’m going to list a bunch of them here for you in a nice, organized way! Of course these benefits can apply to any musical instrument, but seeing as we’re learning the piano, we’ll say they are benefits of piano lessons. 😊


  • Increases ability to learn - brain connectivity, spatial intelligence, boosts IQ
  • Improves concentration
  • Improves multi-tasking abilities
  • Improves math/counting skills
  • Exercises new language skills
  • Improves reading comprehension
  • Encourages/boosts creativity


  • Encourages relaxation
  • Builds patience
  • Boosts self-esteem/confidence
  • Expands cultural knowledge & promotes open-mindedness
  • Reduces stress & anxiety
  • Provides opportunities for positive responses to instructions
  • Provides opportunities for social interactions - group lessons & performing opportunities


  • Strengthens hand muscles
  • Improves/builds hand-eye coordination
  • Improves rhythm and coordination
  • Provides an ‘unplugged’ outlet & entertainment
  • Allows for kinesthetic & tactile learning
  • Provides performance opportunities